A brief summary of weekend


Saturday I was ready to visit my sister at her place and went to Kadikoy. However, I noticed that the buses don’t work for a reason. So I dropped by a bookstore where they always offer stationery products. Here you can see my new books and my Art Blancs brand notebook on the top, which is quite similar to Paper Blanks.
Sunday was a great day in the route of Kuzguncuk, Kanlica, Emirgan, Bebek, Hidiv Kasri and Meydan (Click the links to see some fabulous places in Istanbul) and what I got from this trip was: The first edition of Freud Totem and Taboo in Turkish, a book on handwriting: The Missing Ink and two notebooks from Nezih Stationery Store.
However, if you ask how was the weekend as a general picture, I can say it was all with Mesnevi. I did not read Mesnevi for a while and I realized that how much I missed it. Those books are like bedside books and I call them as bedside lamps since they enlighten our lifes. So they should not be ignored.
And lastly, this is the Monday surprise: My nicely packaged gifts by Ofix.com. What can it be?


I wish you a nice week.
Zeynep Notebooking



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