Airmail Regd Fountain Pen

Today’s pen has been bought on my India trip two years ago. Airmail Regd. With its nice big body, you can find this pen (any many more) on the stationery stalls of India’s streets. Actually India is quite a fruitful country in this respect. As a result of their attention to education, you can find small street stalls selling stationery items in most of the cities.
Unlike many other eyedropper pens, Airmail Regd doesn’t have a transparent body. However it has a nice look with the decoration on the cap and sturdy resin body.
It is a big pen I must say. Although the body is not more thicker than Lamy Safari, with the cap it becomes a hunk.
Airmail Regd, has a golden colored, airmail branded fine nib. Since Indian alphabet is a bit complex on letters compared to Latin alphabet, pens are mostly offered with fine nibs.
Despite the fine nib, Airmail Regd gives a generous ink flow so it has a smooth writing experience. If you’ll ever find yourself in India, don’t hesitate to approach those street stalls and don’t forget to bargain.
Zeynep Sarasvati


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