Aniki Fleur de Lis Notebook

Do you remember the post I introduced you with my new notebooks. And finally here is the last of it. For the reviews other three notebooks:
Aniki brand is owned by Ali Bey of Yazmak Keyiftir and has a wide color range of inks and notebooks suitable for daily use, especially for fountain pen use. Ali Bey, also a fountain pen connoisseur and a nib master had started manufacturing inks and notebooks observing the needs of a fountain pen user.
One of the greatest feature of Aniki notebooks, of course 100 gsm paper itself. It was chosen among many papers as the most suitable for fountain pen use. So it prevents feathering and bleed through and has a minimum show through even with the wet fountain pens.
With this great qualifications they have already been very popular among fountain pen users. As an example, author of Erguvan Kalem, Mr. Bizans is a fan of them and it is told that he is hoarding nearly a hundred Aniki notebooks at his home 🙂
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