Barunson OS Note 32 Planner

Let’s give a break to pen reviews with a notebook: Barunson OS Note 32 Planner. I was not possible to leave this notebook on the store while it has a fountain pen nib on it. Therefore, I got and tried it for you. You can see the size of the notebook from the first photo so I won’t repeat but it is convenient to carry in a bag and take notes.
Evne though the notebook has a spiral spine, it is not obviously visible. (You can see from the first photo) And there is a transparent plastic layer to tuck business cards and small notes.
Pages are not designed as a typical planner. So you have more space to write in. The one I got was ruled but I am not sure if they also have a blank version. At least I didn’t come across. I tried this notebook with Rotring Renaissance BB, Inoxcrom Executive (F-M), TWSBI Vac 700 Medium and Platinum Preppy (F).
Unfortunately, this paper is not suitable for fountain pens. Therefore it is a bit disappointing for me. Actually the paper is nice, nib is gliding on the paper but it bleeds a lot. I think I wouldn’t be disappointed that much, if there is no nib image on the notebook.
There are a few pages for telephone and addresses on the back and a page for personal info. I bought this notebook for 11.5 TL (app. 5 USD) but it didn’t cover my expectations. You can like it if you are mostly using pencil or ballpoints. Otherwise, it is not for you.
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