Bexley Flat Top Fountain Pen

Hello All,
This week’s guest pen is the most smooth pen I have ever written with: Bexley Flat Top fountain pen. Although, I was a bit reluctant about the color at first glance, I am nearly fall in love with this pen. Therefore, I had a rush to introduce it to you.
Bexley is a pen company established in 1993 by a group of vintage fountain pen enthusiasts. Since then, this Ohio brand is producing fountain pens and they tend to use great resin materials in their pens.
Bexley works with standard European cartridges or converters and it comes with a steel nib engraved with the Bexley brand name and logo. Besides, you have an option for 18k  gold nib.
The nib of the Bexley Flat Top is one of the smoothest and flawless nibs I have ever written with.  And as far as I saw, a great amount of the users are fairly satisfied with their nibs as well. Bexley is not producing their own nibs, however there is a reason that they have such great nibs: “Quality Control” which is a forgetten art by many big manufacturers unfortunately. By the way, I inked Bexley with a pigmented ink of Super 5 brand, Austraila and it still writes perfect. No flow issues.
I loved Bexley and I want to get one in the near future. What is your experience with this brand so far?
Zeynep Colorpen

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