Book: Practical Calligraphy

Today we have the book of Peter Taylar: Practical Calligraphy. I came across with this book in Istanbul Bookshop at Eminonu. It is a good book for those who would like to practice calligraphy but doesn’t have time to attend a course.
This is the glossary of the book. After a short introduction there are some useful information such as history of writing, what we need, ink and paper and some calligraphy alphabets for beginners.
There are “Five Famous Alphabet”, “Script”, “Creative and Decorative Letters”, “Designing Letters” and “Using Your Calligraphy” subtitles within the book.
Every calligraphic alphabets are rated by the challenge. Besides, letter height and pen angles are indicated.
Rates are as shown in the photo. Some should be practiced after others.
 Every chapter has a small dictionary afterwards.
There are two small handicaps for this book. First; it is only in English. And second; it is a bit expensive in Turkey. (app USD 50) Since it is a bit pricey, it might not be available for everyone. However, you can adjust the price if you think it as a tuition fee.
Do you have a book for studying calligraphy?
Zeynep Niceletter


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