Bruynzeel My Grip Fountain Pen

As a Besiktas routine I dropped by Kabalci Book and Stationery Shop as well, gazing through the shelves, I stumble upon this colorful pen. When I was a teenager, I used to dress in black and used to refuse colorful things and my father used to say “Look girl, use the colors as much as you want now, because in corporate life, you will not be able to!” Of course I didn’t care for that those days but now, I always pick the odd color and colorful things. Anyway, where were we? I stumbled upon this pen and of course it had to come home with me. So I took it up with its wing man Bruynzeel My Grip Colorful Ink cartridges.
After I came home, I conducted a brief search about the brand. Bruynzeel is a brand of the Netherlands found in 1947. Since then, they have been producing, not only pens but chalks, felt tip pens, highlighter pens, crayons and face paints. They have a wide range from young children to professionals.
As seen on the photo from Brunyzeel’s website, the pen has a unique shape like a caterpillar. By turning the pieces to left and right you can adjust the pen to left or right, or in vertical so that you could shape it for your comfort, regardless that you use right or left hand. It has a three sided grip section in order to help (or force :p) children to develop right pen holding style. Nib is an iridium point (If you say “What the heck is iridium point? ) which is not like a butter smooth nib but yet nice. Especially when you consider this made is made for children.
The best thing about pen that every piece is deattachable and can be attached in different color combinations and every piece can used as cap. That is to say, it is for children (or for who keeps his/her inner child alive) Price of the pen is 34 TRY (app. 17 Euro) and 14 cartridge pack is for 10-12 TRY (app. 5,5 Euro) Actually I have tons of international short cartridge at home, but, I hope you will understand me when I say that I couldn’t resist the cute colors. According to internet research, Europe price for the pen is 12,99 Euro and cartridge pack is 6,99 Euro. If you want to encourage your child for fountain pen, I strongly advise this pen to start. Even I cannot drop it off my hands for days.


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