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Hello All,

We are about to finish 2017 and at this time of the year, I really would like to see what we have done in the blog so far. So, get ready for the Best of WtMO 2017!

When we look at the fountain pen posts we have:
1- Scrikss Heritage is the champion of this year…
2- Lamy Linea is the second one. Frankly I am surprised by how this underrated Lamy model is taking the second place.
3- Montblanc Marc Newson has became the third most read post of the fountain pen post. Surprised? No!
4- Being in the fourth place, Stabilo beFab demonstrates that the economical fountain pens are also deserving love, love sweet love.
5- In the fifth place we have Soennecken s19 showing us that vintage pens still has the charm.

Most popular ink posts are such as follow:
1- We have the rising star of 2017, KWZ Honey on the first place
2- On the second place Miles Davis of Montblanc we have
3- And J. Herbin Caroube de Chypre follows it on the third place
4- Noodler’s Rome Burning settles the fourth as an interesting color
5- Lastly, we have Diamine Ancient Copper with whom we have a love and hate relationship

For the notebooks these are the most popular notebook posts:
1- We have Keskin Color Victorias Journal Paturn as the most popular post
2- This notebook of Papersense is the second most popular post.
3- RAW Notebook of Deffter brand is taking the third place
4- Although we had a disappointment with Kafka’s this notebook, we still read the posts.
5- And lastly we have Morning Glory hardcover notebook.

We also have some out of category post and the most popular one is our video where we suggested fountain pens for beginners. Second one is Galen Leather post and the third one is the answers to the question, how can we fix our handwritings
Have a wonderful 2018!
Zeynep Penthusiast


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