Camlin No:47 Piston Filler Fountain Pen


This year’s first pen is coming a long way from India: Camlin No:47 piston filler fountain pen. I bought this pen during my trip to India back in October. Camlin is one of the many pen manufacturing brands in India. There are so many brands, such as Wality, Airmail, Chelpark, Reynolds who are producing their own pens. However, majority of the pens offered in India are eyedroppers where you fill the body as an ink reservoir. Therefore, when I come across with this piston filler, I couldn’t skip.
Since the Japanese Kokuyo brand acquired the majority stakes of Camlin on 2011, the clips of the pen is branded as Kokuyo Camlin. However, the common name of the brand is still Camlin. Cap is a sliding type like Scrikss Vintage 17 (plastic cap) and 71 (metal cap) so there is no cracking issues as in Scrikss 17. Besides, the top jewel on the cap changes parallel to the body color. I think it is a nice detail.
Camlin No:47 is a piston filler and piston knob is well disguised. I guess the body material is vegetal resin. Because, I have the same smell as Noodler’s Ahab and it was stated that the smell on Ahab’s were caused by vegetal resin material. However, smell fades away.
There is a diamond shaped ink display on the body so you can easily see the ink level. Besides, right below there is a screw mechanism, by that, you can disassemble the pen and clean it right away.
When I first inked the pen, it was quite fine and dry. However, after grinding the nib a bit, it became one of my everyday pens. I can say, it makes me happy with its price under 2 dollars. However, it is quite hard to buy this pen online. It seems sold out on and the only website I can suggest other than that is Fountain Pen Revolution who sells Indian pens. But the price is 14 dollars there.
Sometimes it is possible to create good writers out of cheap pens with small touches. Are you generally brave enough to touch them?
Zeynep Vegetalresin



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