Campo Marzio Design Fountain Pen II

Campo Marzio Design products are colorful! As I said as my last word, I had a red Campo Marzio Design Minny Fountain Pen as a gift. Campo Marzio, comes with a two pieces card box. With the pen, it comes a guarantee document in Italian and English, 6 mini European ink cartridges in line with the color of the pen in a sealed glass bottle. (By the way, I don’t know how to open this sealed bottle without breaking the glass)
When it comes to the pen, unfortunately since I do not have a precision scale (don’t worry I will get one as soon as possible) so I cannot give a number about the weight of the pen and I couldn’t find any information about that on the internet either. However, I can say it is a heavy pen when compared to its size. This might feel comfortable for some people. Generally, pen has a nice look. I don’t know what is the body material but it is painted over metal. Again, gold looking clips and belt / trim with Campo Marzio Design engraving are nice and luxurious looking.
According to my precise measurement with calliper, pen is 10,75 centimeter when closed, only body without cap 9,2 centimeter and 11,97 centimeter when cap posted on. That means it is quite a mini pen giving credit to its name. Nevertheless, I believe even the gentlemen can use this pen without having difficulty, when the cap is posted on unless they have huge hands. However, that doesn’t mean it is providing great pleasure when holded. Unfortunately, the grip section of the pen which is only 1,6 centimeters is a bit uncomfortable.
When it comes to the writing pleasure, I used it with European type short Pelikan cartridge since I don’t know how to open the glass bottle and use its own ink. This pen is not going to satisfy the wet type fountain pen lovers. Because it has a dry writing style.
Nib of the pen, is Iridium Point Germany which we all have acquaintance. However, I don’t know it was for my luck, the nib is scratchy. I don’t know other people’s experiences since nobody has Campo Marzio pens around me. Nevertheless, with a little smoothing and switching to Aniki ink, it gets a lot better.
To sum up, it has a nice presentation and colorful series, Campo Marzio is a good option as a gift. However, if you are a fountain pen lover who owns a lot of good fountain pens, this pen would be a collection item, apart  from this, with a little smoothing it can be a good fountain pen.
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