CARAN d’ACHE Storm Ink

Finally, I can start ink reviews. While thinking of which ink to start with, I decided to go with the most used one recentlly. Hope you like it. Caran d’Ache Earth inks is the favorite of many ink collectors. However, since they are not commonly available (in Turkey) and due to their high prices, they have some accessibility issues. Again as a note, I bought this ink from Sirkeci Ozler Stationery Store and the price was 55 TL (app 27,5 EUR) (By the way, let me thank Ozler Store for their generous help to find the ink and for the nice conversation we had) Considering Mont Blanc 60 ml bottles are about 35 and Pelikan Edelstein inks 60 ml are 55-60 TL, 30 ml Caran d’Ache is quite quite expensive. If you want to order the ink online, you can visit Ozler’s online store.
Even though Caran d’Ache Storm is a color somewhere between purple and grey, it is accepted in the family of purple. I think it is quite close to J. Herbin Possier de Lune which I am desperately trying to find. It created the impression on me, it is neither feminine nor masculine, quite an androgen color.
It has an average drying time and water resistance. Even though it is very resistant, it did not make too much smearing. Overall, I did like this ink, except its price. I would like to thank to Mister asturquemandele who recommended this ink to me.

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