Cath Kidston Notebook

 Hello All,
As some will know, I moved my apartment recently. (From Anatolian side to European side. Oh my am I considered a European now?) And I got my internet connected just now. I am a bit lazy I assume.
About out notebook today, you know those famous flowers of Cath Kidston! Cath Kidston is a company based in England and defines itself as modern vintage. I got this notebook from a shop in Erenkoy İstanbul and had an urge to try it.
I am not sure what do you think about spiral bound notebooks. But I prefer them whenever I had a limited writing space like a conference when I need to take notes on those tiny desk chairs. So that, I can fold the notebook and write in a more confined space. Even sometimes, I need a spiral bound in my office desk.
I tried this notebook with Sheaffer No-Nonsense, Pelikan 400 NN, and a quite wet writing Soennecken S19 besides Sheaffer No-Nonsense italic nib.
Very interestingly the performance was quite good. However, within time I started understanding that I am not a fan of ruled papers. I feel like it limits my handwriting. Therefore I gave this notebook away as a gift to a friend of mine. I got this notebook around 4 euros but it has been quite a time. Still it has a good performance I think.
I finished a lot of notebooks within the last month. I will be reviewing them in the blog but I wonder which notebooks do you favor recently?
Zeynep Flowerpen

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