Ciak Handmade Notebook

 A red, leather notebook, with colorful papers. Who doesn’t like it? Okay, I accept, it is not very masculine but Ciak also offers, different colors with lined, grid and blank pages on ivory. Ciak is a product of Intempo of Italy, which was established on 1973 in Florence, a city famous for traditional leather goods. Since then, Intempo is producing notebooks, diaries, organizers and office accessories.
One of the most outstanding features of Ciak is, the cover is “man-made leather” and multicolor papers are 90 grams.
That’s why, while testing the notebook, I acted generous and used, a fountain pen, two felt tips which caused some troubles with other notebooks, a ballpoint, a needle point, a 0.7 roller pen and a 0.8 really wet calligraphy pen.
As seen, there is no feathering, bleeding or a severe show-through. With this features it gained my appreciation.
Actually I bought this notebook from Panter Stationery Store  a year ago, so I am not really sure about the price. It should be around 30-40 TRY (approximately 15-20 EUR) Overall, this notebook can be suitable for the ones who like to use fountain pen or some wet writing pens.


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