Cleo Skribent Classic Fountain Pen

Hello All,
This week has a very elegant fountain pen to start with: Cleo Skribent Classic Fountain  Pen. Cleo Skribent is an old German brand. This brand is named Cleo, due to labour intensive work of Egypt while it required a hell of a labour to produce fountain pens right after the 2. World War. I think Cleo which is a vernacular for Cleopatra is a perfect fit for these gracious pens.
Cleo Skribent Classic Fountain Pen is really a classic pen like the name indicated correctly. With a screw cap, piston filling mechanism, a blind cap over the piston knob to avoid any accidents and a ink window, it can make you happy if you are looking for a classic fountain pen.
My Cleo Skrient Classic Fountain pen has a steel nib. I have Medium but it is possible to find Fine and Broad nibs as well.
There is only one thing down about Cleo Skribents that those pens are on the dry side of the scale. However, if you use a wet ink, the problem is solved. I inked mine with a Noodler’s 54th Massachusetts Blue. Apart from that you can always rely on good old Waterman which is quite wet and easy to find anywhere.
This pen is also coming in black and burgundy. Did you like it?
Zeynep Whitepen


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