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And here it is!!! My first Cross fountain pen review in this blog. In Turkey, if you are stepped into the fountain pen world somehow, there are two brands you’ll most come across: Scrikss and Cross. But to be frank, I was never ever been a fan of Cross pens. Metal bodies, sky-up prices just because the body is gold plated or silver plated, they were never very attractive for me. Therefore, I don’t have any Cross pens. On the other hand, even though it is not on top of the list, there is a Cross fountain pen which I really consider purchasing 🙂
This pen I reviewed was purchased by Mr. Turgay many years ago while he was a young engineer working in Saudi Arabia. Today Cross is offering a slightly different version of this pen under the name of Cross Century ii.
This pen is using Cross’s proprietary telescopic cartridges or convertors. In this point, most of the penthusiasts are complaining difficulties in finding Cross cartridges or the lack of variety that Cross offers. But as I mentioned before you can clean your used cartridges by an injector and after it dried, you can inject ink from an ink bottle. The cap is a click on with a slight sound. It can be opened by one hand but still safe enough to carry in the bag.
I used it with the green Cross cartridge. Even though it was an F, it is a wet writer. So I enjoyed writing with it. Since there is no production for this pen, it is hard to give a price range. Also, the substitution pen Cross Century ii’s prices changes upon the coating.
How many Cross pens do you have in your collection?
Zeynep Penthusiast


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