Cult Pens Mini Fountain Pen and Fountain Pen Essentials



Cult Pens, which I often shop from had a collaboration with Kaweco and produced a mini fountain pen. They think those are the main motives while designing this pen.
* It needs to be small and slim enough to fit neatly in a pocket,
or in most organiser loops, but still big enough to write with comfortably.
* The barrel should be metal, so it’s good and strong. If it’s going to
be carried around in your pocket or bag, it needs to be able to stand up to a
bit of use.
* The cap should screw on – if it’s going to live in your pocket or bag, you
want to be sure it will stay securely capped.
* There should be a good metal pocket clip, to make it easier to carry,
and to help hold it in place in organiser loops.
* The actual writing experience is still important with a small pen, so it
should have a good choice of nib sizes – we don’t all like the same
width. The nib needs to be smooth and reliable too.
* It should use standard international cartridges, so there are always
plenty of choices for ink.
Converters are always a tight fit in compact fountain pens, but it should
be possible to use a compact converter, so you can use bottled ink.
All those listings are the essentials for Cult Pens for their fountain pen. For myself, I am a big fan of piston filler fountain pens in mid-size. However, I like carrying small size cartridge fountain pens while I am travelling. Especially when I travel with plae, I take the cartridge with me, install it after I land and throw it away before I get in the plane back. Therefore, I don’t need to worry about any possible leakage.
Frankly, I liked this pen but I don’t seem any reason to order since I have a lot of Kaweco’s right now. However, it can be a great pen for those looking for a daily mini fountain pen. Please click here for this pen:
What do you think?
Zeynep Minipen

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