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Hello everyone from a new week,
I cleaned up so many pens yesterday that I swared an oath to myself that I won’t be inking more than 5 fountain pens at once. However, with the pens I forget to clean, I already have more than 5 🙂
* Pelikan M400 is one of my favourite pens since I got. Nice, had a very ideal proportions. I inked it with J. Herbin Cacao du Brasil which reminds me of chocolate milk.
* Platinum Pocket fountain pen is a Japanese pen from 70’s. It has a nib as fine as a needle but I still like it. It has Platinum cartridge in it.
* Nemosine Singularity; as you may notice I keep this pen inked all the time because I am in love with its 0.8 italic nib. And it has one of my favorite inks L’artisan Pastellier Omi Osun.
* Jinhao 301 is a gift recently given to me. I liked it. It is nice, fine and elegant. It has a small crystal on the clips. It has my official office ink Aurora Black in it and I recommend this ink for those who are looking for a solid, well-behaving black ink.
* Montblanc 144 actually belongs to a friend of mine. I had it for a while and I keep using it by the way. It has Montblanc Honore de Balzac Dandy Turquoise in.
* And finally TWSBI Diamond 580 which is well matched with Diamine Kensington Blue.
Pens started their Monday meetings. (Nemosine has such a big nib, it looks like the President of Execution Board) For me time flies like a crazy river and a very busy week starting. Actually my prediction for the summer was quite different.
How is time passing for you?
Zeynep Sunnypen

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