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I am here with only four inked pen. This is a great achievement for me. Although Pelikan Levevl 65 has a great ink capacity thus, you may see it again on my further Currently Inked posts. Unfortunately, none of those pens have a review. However, due to the shortness of the winter days and my photographinng problem  due to shortage of light, I had to use my template posts nowadays. However, I will get a tripod as soon as possible and will present better photos within my blog. (Hopefully)
Pilot Metropolitan: (Also known as Pilot Mr.) This pen is from the newest pen of the Pilot family with a very affordable price tag. It is only 15 USD and I can say it totally worth it with its light and solid body and good nib. It is inked with Sailor Jentle Grenade. It is a nice bourdeoux.
Pelikan Level 65: This pen has a special filling mechanism and filled like a regular lighter and its body serves like an ink vessel. Since I don’t like the Pelikan 4001 blue ink it comes with, I mixed a bit Waterman Florida Blue and Red and it resulted as a dusty purple when mixed with Pelikan blue ink which was already in the pen.


Hero 336: This is one of the Hero pens which is a dupe for legendary Parker 51. Actually nearly the same. Those pens are cheap, lightweighted and surprisingly well performed. They never disappointed me. Of course you cannot wait a Montblanc performance. It is inked with De Atramentis Dianthus scented ink. It is a high saturated, vivid and baby powder scented ink. I love this ink.

Levenger Ultraviolet: This pen arrived a few days ago. I was wondering about this pen for a very long time. Levenger is an American brand offering pens, great leather goods and even wooden furnitures. Their resin pens are great enough to make me happy. It is inked with Sailor Jentle Ultramarine. It is a calming, uplifting blue-purple color. It is a very muted tone when compared to another blue-purple ink Diamine Imperial Blue.Click here for review.

What do you use today?


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