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Even though I did not manage to clean my pens, I managed to keep my inked pens at three. (Pause a minute for applauses) But I don’t know if I can stand more, I — need — to- inkkk — mooooreee- pens!
Soennecken is a German brand with a nib engraved S6 on it. I cannot decide if it is a flex or semi-flex. I love this burgundy pen. It says School Pen in the barrel.
Louis Vuitton Jet Ligne is a great pen with a wet character and little springy smooth nib. However, I guess Diamine Syrah was not the right choice.
Tropen is Tropen pen with a Senator nib. Please let me know if you know the relation between those two German brands.
As you may notice I loved the Soennecken best, I inked it twice this week and it is about to be inked again.
What did you inked this week?
Zeynep Peaceisinlesspen


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