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I have not been posting currently inked for a while. Lets break a leg and do it again. This time I noticed all my pens are inked with darker colors. Note to myself: I need to add pinks, oranges and reds to my currently inked pens. Recently I received a small type of engine. You can insert abrasives or cutters into this engine called Universal. So I do temper the nibs of Chinese pens that I have plenty at home. Since I am in the learning phase myself, I am not intended to write anything about it. But I like writing with those pens that I grinded. Besides, I would like to say something about Chinese pens. They are quite cheap, generally with press bar filling system but with fine and dry nibs. I guess Chinese pens are like this since the Chinese alphabet is small with detailed charachters. However, even though it is dry and fine, Chinese pens I own, have always good nibs, no scratchy one. Therefore, I like writing with them when I grind them to a broader nib and a wet writer.
About the pens: Hero 336 is a light-weight, generic Parker 51 with a press bar filling system. Wing Sung 220 is a bit heavier since it has a metal body, cartridge pen. I found this yellow-black piston filler Senator from a stationery store in Ankara however, I cannot manage to find the model. Camlin (Kokuyo) No:47 is a semi-hooded nibbed, Indian piston filler. Majority of the pens in India are eyedroppers. I tempered it to a wet and broad writer without cutting the nib off. Osmiroid is a vintage English brand and a part of a calligraphy set which I am willing to prepare a post soon.
So this is the situation here, what about yours?
Zeynep Penthusiast

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