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Today’s inked pens are those four. I loved them so much that I wanted to share.

First, I have Pilot Custom 823. This pen belongs to Fp Ail but thanks to his kindness, I have it for a while to give it a try.  Although it is a bit on the big side, I loved especially the butter smooth broad nib. I loved, loved, loved it! And it has Visconti Bordeaux. It is not a real real bordeaux color but it is a darling, easy to clean and flows very well.

On the second line, we have Lindauer fountain pen. It is a German pen, pistonfiller and interchangeable nibs. It is almost same price as Lamy so it is a gem. I have Edelstein Olivine in it. In of the year 2018. However, I found it on a bit cold side to be a real olivine color.

Third pen is a Kaweco Sport. It is an eye candy with transparent body and easy to clean if you’d like to use shimmering inks. I had it with Diamine Shimmertastic Enchanted Ocean. It is a dark blue with green undertones and it has silver sparkling. I enjoy using it.

And lastly, a classic Pelikan 400NN. Tortoise resin is to die for. And I inked it with Colorverse Electron. Electron is an orange ink with a soft tone, no burden for eyes but still readable on the paper.

Which pens did you ink this week?

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