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As you can see, number of my inked pens are too damn high 🙂
You have seen Pilot VP in this blog before. The post will be here quite soon, it was photographed. I reviewed R&K Alt-Goldgrün before. It has a great, great shading especially with broad nibs. I love it!
Pelikan, is a pen designed for youngs especially. I intentionally used the verb design because it is really a design pen. And Caran d’Ache Saffron has a vitalizing orange color.
Second in a row I inked Louis Vuitton Jet Ligne and this time with L’artisan Pastellier Bleu Baikal. This ink also has good shading and goes very well with Jet Ligne, a pen with flexible, juicy wet gold nib.
Even though you don’t come across with TWSBI Diamond 540 very often in this blog, I really like it. Despite the fact it has a slim-Medium nib, it is still a wet writer. And J. Herbin Vert Empire is a nice ink with great shading either. I especially like it with ivory paper.
Pelikan Level 65 is a pen that I always keep inked since it is my little helper during long writing sessions with its light-weight body. There is a question mark near Medium, because it has a quasi-italic nib and it has nothing in common with other Level 65 nibs. It was inked with a mixture of Waterman Florida Blue and Waterman Red.
How many pens do you use at the same time?


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