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As you can see, the number of my inked pens are too damn high! I am going to clean all and reduce the inked pens during the weekend. I hope.


Hero Youth 2008: It is one of the cheap Chinese pens but I liked it. It was a bit scratchy at first but taming with a nail file, now I have a good writing, plain, simple, light-weight pen now. It has Lamy Turquoise ink and it is a nice, highly saturated ink if you like those colors.
Sheaffer Agio Rainbow: This pen is a limited edition Agio from Sheaffer. The only difference between regular Agio is the rainbow like finish. You can also have this finish with Prelude either. Frankly, this pen was purchased just to add my collection 🙂 I have Edelstein Turmaline in it which I think suits with this pen.
Louis Vuitton Doc or Lacquer: Again another fountain pen from Louis Vuitton. Same line has another model with leather which is called Doc or Cuir. I am going to share it with you in the following days. It has 18K gold nib with a bit cursive and a bit flex. It is big and deluxe looking. It makes a bit hard start but can be solved I guess. It has Diamine Imperial Blue in it.
Namiki Falcon SF: This pen is one of the few modern version’s of flex pens. Namiki is the high-end brand of Pilot. Even though it takes time to get used to write flex, it is a nice pen. In Fountain Pen Network fellow people were recommending Noodler’s Black Swan inks to use with Falcon. So I tried and indeed it writes better now.
Scrikss Vintage 71: This is one of my favorite pens to use in my daily rotation. It has Rohrer&Klingner Verdigris ink in it. This ink totally deserves a review. It is a nice, different color. Even though it is referred as blue-black; sometimes it looks like green and sometimes blue. Beautiful!


Lamy Al-Star 1.1: I guess everyone knows about Lamy Safari. Al-Star is the same pen just made of aluminum  instead of ABS (lego material). It is a match made in heaven with 1.1 italic nib. I wanted to amuse this grey pen with Montblanc Alfred Hitchcock.
Do you match your pens with inks?
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