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Here is the first Currently Inked post of this year.
First pen is Rotring 700. I am in love with this pen from the day I got it. Some might find it too slim for his/her taste but I like writing with it. I inked Rotring 700 with Private Reserve Tanzanite. I like this purple-blue color but it has some disadvantages as an ink.
Secon pen is Nemosine Singularity with 0.8 italic nib. Actually I didn’t like this pen when I first got it. But now I like it so much. I inked it with one of my classic office inks, Aurora Black. It is a well behaved black ink.
Thirdly, here is a vintage Geha (I don’t know the model) The 14K gold broad nib delightly flexes. And I inked it with one of my favorite inks, Sailor Jentle Ultramarine. Even though some call it purple, I think it is blue 🙂
And lastly, there is this Sailor Sapporo mini with zoom nib. This pen belongs to a friend of mine. But I am willing to keep it “a bit” more than my friend thinks 🙂 I inked it with Rohrer&Klingner Alt-Goldgrün
As you noticed, I inked a European pen Geha with a Japanese ink and I inked a Japanese pen Sailor with a European ink. Sometimes I receive those questions that if we required to use Japanese inks with Japanese pens. Actually I wrote it before, again to a currently inked post. (HERE) There is no requirement like this. Pen and ink getting along with eachother is not always corralated with their nationality 🙂
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