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I would like to make a Currently Inked post in mid week today and if you don’t mind I want to use it as a bit chit-chat. Here is 5 currently inked pens of mine. First; there is Platinum 3776 Music Nib. I was setting my eye on this pen for a loooong time and in previous months I finally had my guts to get it. It has Sheaffer’s Skrip Black ink, it can be the wettest black ink I have ever used. Second pen is my own present to myself for the 2. anniversary of my blog; Visconti Michelangelo. I am in love with this pen with its 23K palladium nib. (I am just wondering what if I change the nib with a medium) I wanted to break the masculine look of pen, so I inked it with Sailor Jentle Pink. Third pen is 1.5 italic from Scrikss Calligraphy set. It has Diamine Bilberry in it. It is a great highly saturated color from blue up to purple with great golden sheen. Fourth pen is a Rotring Surf, a great pen although its fine nib. And finally legendary Parker 51 with Caran d’Ache’s new blue; Idyllic Blue.
And the news! I think I have an itchy feet this month. So I will be heading to Amsterdam this Friday and I will be coming back from Brussels on Monday. We are going to have a series of giveaways. I hope you’ll like it. And finally the last news, I will be on TV next Thursday. This will be a live show so I am a bit excited because it will be my first time. (I will be providing details and maybe the stream link)
That’s all from me for a while. What about you?
Zeynep Helterskelter

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