Currently Inked Black Pens’ Night Edition

As all the pens I have inked are black, I decided to call this lot: “Black Pens’ Night” Let’s see what we have?
UHU Primus: This is a vintage pen made by the famous adhesive manufacturer UHU. According to my research they had produced fountain pens for a very short time period.
Platinum Carbon Fountain Pen: This pen is like a sword being a desk pen, mostly used by artists.
Lamy 99/36: This is one of the vintage Lamy’s which I am very fond of. So beautiful!
Lamy 99b: This is another version of Lamy 99. They have 5-6 different variations.
What about the inks?
Sailor Jentle Apricot: It is a real, vivid orange and a dupe to famous Noodler’s Apache Sunset. However, Sailor stopped producing this ink when they renewed the Jentle inks. What a pitty!
 Platinum Carbon Ink: It is one of the most water-resistant inks I have ever used. That is the reason why artists love using it.
Montblanc Diamond Blue: I don’t know why this ink is so underrated. It is a great shade of blue if you have to use blue but try to enlarge your limits.
Pelikan Edelstein Aquamarine: This is the Ink of the Year 2016 of Edelstein series. I was like “meeeh” when I first saw the photos but it grow in me as I started using it.
What did you inked currently?
Zeynep Inkedpen


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