Currently Inked Italic Week

If you are reading this blog for a while you might noticed that how much I love italic pens. There are even sometimes that all my inked pens are italic nibs. This week was one of them.
I recently made a post about TWSBI Diamond 580. It is one of my favorite pens. The italic nib on it belongs to a friend of mine; Aydan. While I was about to buy an italic nib, he lended his nib. Yes friends are awesome. I inked it with P.W. Akkerman Shocking Blue which I really want to make a post about.
Sheaffer No-Nonsense is also a pen which should be posted on this blog for a long time ago. I was not using my other no-nonsense pens since that I didn’t like the color so the purple one is a great shot. It is inked with Pilot Iroshizuku Tsutsuji which will be on the blog soon.
Maybe because I am totally in summer mode, I have another colorful pen; Lamy Safari Neon Coral. When I first ordered online this pen, I got it with 1.5 italic nib. It has Diamine Bilberry in it. One of my favorite blue inks with great golden sheen on highly saturated dark blue.
And lastly there is Pilot Prera which I have a love and hate relationship. Normally it came with a Medium nib and I swapped it with an italic Pluminix nib which has a “M” marking on it. It has Pelikan Edelstein Ruby in it.
Which nibs you like the best?
Zeynep Holidayan


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