Currently Inked Lettering Edition

Hi There,
I have not made Currently Inked for a while. So let’s do it while giving you a little clue about upcoming reviews.
Regal is a Taiwanese fountain pen brand but you can come across with it anywhere in the world. I got myself from Czech Republic. I inked it with Toucan Sienna ink, which is a nice red.
 Picasso is a Chinese fountain pen manufacturer. I inked my Picasso Candle Flame with Levenger True Teal.
Montblanc Marc Newson is a controversial pen. Those you like classic Montblanc’s don’t like it where the other who found Montblanc too classic adores this design. I inked it with  Levenger Shiraz, which has a perfect flow.
Parker 45 is a true classic. So I inked it with a classic ink, Waterman Serenity Blue. It is quite affordable and never lets you down.
The book is New York Subway from Haluk Çobanoğlu. I guess it can only be New York that brings so many nationalities together 🙂
What inks and colors do you use in winter time?
Zeynep Colorpen

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