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Many years ago, (just kidding only 2 years ago) I introduced you with a notebook of Deffter brand as you might remember. If you cannot, you can just click the link. And this is the second product I would like to introduce. And the name of the notebook can be translated as “One Million Reason to Write”. I was coming across with this notebook in stationery stores and book stores with its colorful covers. And I wanted to get some to give as a present while I was rushing for a meeting. So I get one for myself either.
These pocket size notebooks are really small. So it is great to carry in your bag. For example, I am planning to keep one permanently in my bag to control my unleashed budget so that I can note my spending.
Deffter, One Million Reason to Write has many cover designs and colors. I guess everybody could like at least one of the designs. And the price is 1.95 TL which is about a dollar.
There is no paper information within the notebook. But I used Pelikan M101N Medium, Rotring Silver Broad and Lamy Al-Star 1.5 italic nibs. Actually all above are wet and generous writers.
Even though there is a bit of shadowing, no bleed through. I am sure it will match better with drier nibs or fine nibs.
What do you think about small notebooks?
Zeynep Writetomeoften


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