Deffter Notebook Review

Today’s notebook is Cats from the brand: Deffter. As you can see, there is a kitty licking its bottom and a few lines praising cats on the cover. And if you think that it is the only cat in the notebook, you are wrong. There is more!
As you can see, there are some cats on back cover, who are fawning, looking cute for the food, yawning and sleeping. Normally, price information is printed under the barcode. However, since this notebook is a gift from my dear Long Mister Engin who is the father of my cats, it was covered with correction fluid. It is a total story of  “How I become a crazy cat lady”. There is so much cat shaped thing at home including two cats, I will become a crazy cat lady and no one will notice until it is too late.
There are paper and company information on the inner back cover. The company store is really close to Bostanci Amusement Park. Once, I pass through but it was already 18:40 and the shop was closed. So I looked desperately inside as a cat looking to a butcher shop. The paper used in the notebook is called “enzo paper” which is normally used in books, yellow and eye-friendly. However, it has a natural tendency for feathering.
The paper of the notebook is not suitable for fountain pens. So there is no need to force a fish to climb a tree. Therefore, I tested it with rollerball, Stabilo and ballpoint pens.
Only DONG-A Fineliner made a little bleeding (the green point). There has been show through with the Stabilo Point 88 and Rollerball which can quite increase your writing pleasure when using the back. However, if you like using ballpoints, this paper and notebook is absolutely for you. You can write flawlessly due to the soft quality of the paper. However, since the line spacing is 6 mm, you should need skipping lines if you have a big sized handwriting.
And being a lawyer working on intellectual property rights, I would like to say that Deffter is a weak brand. For example it is a brand like Notebbook.
Talking that much about cats, say hello to my cats: Patik and Torik!!!

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