Diamine Amaranth Ink Review


Thanks to my friends, they let me have the inks they got for a few days to my hands 🙂 So I don’t have to think about what to write on the blog. One of them was Diamine Amaranth.


Amaranth is actually a South America plant where the seed are used as food. And the flowers are used as a dye. Therefore we can say this is a good name for the matching dark pink color of the ink. When it comes to Diamine inks, you know I love them. But especially red inks of Diamine is a bit problematic. They dry so fast on the nib and takes ages to clean it. We are lucky that Amaranth is not one of those problem inks.
Yes maybe it is “way too much” for official documents (which I don’t understand why) but it is such a joyful color to keep your notes, writing letters and making a grocery list. Besides it has a great shading!
Zeynep PrettyinDarkpink


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