Diamine Ancient Copper Ink Review

 Hello All,
This week’s ink is Diamine Ancient Copper. I get this ink in a 30 ml glass bottle. I actually appreciate Diamine for offering 80 ml glass, 30 ml glass and 30 ml plastic bottle options.

It has a brown shade with hints of red. It reminds me of roof tiles. With a lot of shading and saturation.

There is no feathering on standard copy paper. Since it is saturated, it is easy to read. Although it is not for official documents (I don’t know why we have this rule), it is optimal for daily use.
On the other hand, it is not getting along well with water. It dissolves with water and washed away mostly. Therefore, it might not be wise to write your envelopes with it. Or you can put some transparent sticky tape over the writing on the envelope.
 Although I never experienced it with this ink, it might cause nib crud. It is something not nice, like an alien vomit. And according to my experience, it generally occurs in a combination of some yellow/red/orange/brown inks with the fountain pens which has not adequate seal on the cap. Apart from hurting our eyes, nib crud has no bad effect on the pen. If you want to see a nib crud please follow the link. (Warning; very graphic fountain pen image)
What is your favorite Diamine ink?
Zeynep Copperplate


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