Diamine Evergreen Ink

 Hi All,
This week, I am here with Diamine Evergreen. Recently we have made a video shoot for YouTube and I was telling there I don’t like paper labels since they got stained easily. This is what I was trying to tell. Nevertheless, Diamine is using new labels and as far as I know those labels are laminated so they don’t get stained like this.
Diamine Evergreen Swatch
Diamine Evergreen ink is a quite dark green. It reminds me of law school, clothbound law books, burgundy leather sofas and dark brown wooden libraries. It is a serious and sombre color.
Diamine Evergreen Writing Sample
Diamine Evergreen Ink Water Test
However, if you are looking for a bit of a water resistance, then this is where you should be stepping back! Diamine Evergreen ink kind of disappears as soon as it meets the water.
 It is an ink that you could easily use in your daily writing. It has not much shading and Diamine inks are easy to access and maintain. It worths cheking out.
And for a very similar fancy ink please check —-> Louis Vuitton Vert Optimiste 
Zeynep Greenday

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