Diamine Mediterranean Blue Ink Review

Today we have Diamine Mediterranean Blue in the blog. While spring started to warm our hearts this ink review is for those who are longing the deep blue sea. And please don’t ask why I get Diamine Mediterranean Blue although I have tons of blue inks. This ink belongs to one of my dear friends. She let me keep it for a while and write about it. But it is quite a joy, I think I will ink a couple of pens before I return this bottle.
Diamine Mediterranean Blue is a great shade of blue. I think it is a good and cheap alternative of Iroshizuku Ama-Iro.
Diamine Mediterranean Blue has a great shading especially when it is used with wet writers. Less shading acquired with drier pens. It is a shade of blue suitable for daily writing.
I tried this ink with my music nib Sailor 1911 fountain pen. Even though it is a bit dry for this pen, I did not have any problems. Nevertheless it is not a waterproof ink but it was washed away easily, quite problem-free like other Diamine inks.
Zeynep Bluebluesky

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