Difference between ballpoint and rollerball /

I know, I don’t represent enough ballpoint pens or rollerballs in this blog. I want to close the gap on the following days. But now, I will try to answer one of the questions in mind.
Let’s see the question: What is the difference between ballpoint and rollerball pens? Actually the working principle is nearly the same for both pens. There is a tiny ball in ball-housing where the ball slides as we move the pen and the ink behind the ball leaves traces on the paper so to say.
However, while the ballpoint pens’ ink is thick as a paste, rollerball pens’ ink is much more liquid. Therefore, while ballpoints are a bit stiffer while writing, rollerball pens glide easily
Which pen do you prefer?
Ballpoints or rollerballs?
Zeynep Always Fountainpen
( Ballpoint)



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