Dollar Demonstrator Fountain Pen 717i


Today I would like to introduce you with an interesting pen: Dollar Demonstrator Pistonfiller Fountain Pen. Dollar is a stationery brand of Pakistan established on 1954. Besides the stationery items and gel pens they produce, they also make pistonfiller fountain pens. (Wish the same for Turkey)
This model, referred as 717i Demonstrator is transparent other than the top jewel, grip section, feed and piston screw. This allows us to see through the ink and it is an eye candy. The body material is not perfect. Even though it is not cracked yet, it gives the impression it might be in the future.
There is a blind cap or a dummy cap over the piston knob. So it protects the mechanism from the dumb friends who mistakenly turning the knob or any accidents can happen in the bag.
There is a dollar logo on the top jewel. (Sorry for the bad quality of the photo) And as you can see the feed has also matching color with the top jewel and grip section. I like this esthetic way of thinking and harmony.
I like colorful inks within the demonstrator pens. So that I inked Dollar up with Caran d’Ache Sunset. The nib is medium wet and writes very well.
To put in a nutshell we have a nice pen with a good writing nib even though the material quality is not the best of its kind. And imagine you can have this pen around 5-10 USD. Besides I like this pen manufactured in Pakistan and I feel a bit sorry for my country for not manufacturing any fountain pens of our owns.
Did you like it?
Zeynep Bordeaux


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