Don’t let your bad handwriting to write your faith!

Handwriting is one the most popular questions of this blog. “How can I improve my handwriting?”, “How can I have a better handwriting?” and sometimes the greatest compliment of all times “How can I write like you?” is the most popular questions asked within the comments or e-mails posed to this blog. I generally repeat myself replying that “Write! Write more often!” For example, while my handwriting is better with italic nibs, I cannot write proper enough with fine nibs. Therefore, I am practicing with fine nibs. First I find a font that I want as my future handwriting, write one of my favorite texts, print it out in grey and I am tracing it with a fine nib fountain pen. Even though it looks like a 1st grade homework, it is not that easy and believe me it works!
What do you do to improve your handwriting?
Zeynep Handwriting


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