Ecologic Notebook Review


The second notebook coming from was this Ecologic notebook. It consists of, a felt out-cover, a spiraled hard plastic cover inner and changeable notebook and a ballpoint pen. I liked this notebook since it has a press-stud instead of an elastic wrap.
This is the view, when you open the notebook. I know, there are some who doesn’t like spiraled notebooks but since you can change the inner notebook, you can always have options to use the felt out-cover with other notebooks.
I also tested this notebook with the same pens I tested Note Eco Notebook: Pilot VP Broad, Lady Sheaffer, Taccia Savanna, Scrikss Vintage 71, Uniball Signo Broad and Dong-a Hexaplus Fineliner.
However, as you can see, even though there is no feathering, Ecologic caused so much shadowing that makes impossible to use the back pages. Nevertheless, as you can always have chance to change the inner notebook, I don’t deem it as a severe problem.
When you close the notebook it looks like this. You have an elastic band to attach your pen and a nice green label just beneath it. The pen stays safely under the press-stud lid.
Frankly, I liked this notebook, the natural feel that felt gives, the dark grey color and little green label on the side. Although, the inner notebook will not be satisfying for fountain pen users, I think it is practical that it can be switched easily. This notebook is offered for 19,45 including VAT (which is less than 10 EUR). I think it deserves every penny.
Did you like it?
Zeynep Feltbug


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