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I have been asked about handwriting tips for a while. First of all I am not an expert of it nor a calligrapher. However I am a person who likes fountain pens, notebooks and handwriting and I believe the evolution of human kind on those matters. Most people believe that it is a talent. I don’t believe that. Of course some people are gifted but I think the most important thing to develop a handwriting is practice, practice, practice and a bit of imitation. In this post, I will try to give some little advice or tips lets say. But first check out how my handwriting evolved during the years. It is a relief that non-Turkish speakers will not judge me by its content 🙂
First photo is from 97-98 while I was a boarding student at science high school. A very small and sloppy handwriting written with a pencil.
Spotting from the fountain pen and purple ink, this paper should be written among 1999-2000 just because it was my first fountain pen gifted by a teacher and purple ink is my first ink purchase. Everyone teenager write poems right?
This “article” was dated back to 2001 just the beginning of university. I wish I could find my law school notes but I guess I threw them away after graduation 🙁 Sigh!  I don’t know if you noticed, but I have no point above “i” in any of my high school notes.
As I threw away my law faculty notes, we are beaming up to October 7, 2008 a sample written by a needle point pen. As you can see there is a huge difference between my previous handwriting samples.
This a sample from 2009 written with Yellow Lamy Safari Broad nib and a black Lamy cartridge.
And this sample is from 2010 again with Lamy Safari, but a Medium nib this time and Lamy Turquoise cartridge.
2011.  Written with Aniki Amazonas ink and a Dollar Demonstrator Fountain Pen.
And finally a sample from 2012 written with Pelikan M200 OM nib and Pelikan Edelstein Jade ink.
Of course I need more improvement and more practice. But there is a certain development when you look through those samples as a timeline. So what I recommend you as a humble opinion
* Try to write as much as you can, it is the most essential key. Write your grocery list, take down notes, leave notes.
* Find a pen that you feel comfortable with, if you are not comfortable (for example if pen is too heavy or too light) you cannot write as the way you want.
* Even your position affects your handwriting. It changes if you are writing while notebook is on your lap or leaning towards the table.
* Copy and imitate. Normally as a principle I am against copying but this is different. Try to imitate a letter that you saw from a friend’s handwriting or a calligraphy alphabet that you liked. Eventually you will adopt those letters to your handwriting and it will improve day by day and letter by letter.
* Italic nibs or italic felt pens always helps, try to use them. You will definitely feel better. Try to keep the nib in angled way.
* Another trick, find some calligraphic or handwriting type fonts (you can even find in Microsoft Word) write something and try to imitate it.
I hope these tips help.
Cheers,PS: As you may notice, my domain name has changed. You can follow me via www.banasikcayaz.com or writetomeoften.blogspot.com, feel free to you use both. However, I lost my blog list, hope I will rejuvenate it soon.


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    cevabınızı bekleyeceğim…
    teşekkürler. 🙂

  2. merhaba 🙂
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    başka şekilde öğrenemez miyim? twitter?

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