Faber-Castell Loom Fountain Pen


To be frank, I was always a bit prejudiced towards Faber-Castell pens until my lovely friend Jale gave me a gift of Faber-Castell Ambition in broad nib. As you know, writing comfort and pleasure depends upon people’s taste. One can find a pen very slim while the other finds it too thick to hold comfortably. While I mentioned about Pilot MR and Lamy Safari as beginners pens, some people told me that they find it too light-weighted for instance. Therefore, I was looking for a pen which is heavier so I wanted to give a chance to Faber-Castell Loom.
However, even in Istanbul, it is not always easy to find the pens you are looking for. First I checked online but it was out-of-stock in most of the websites. Afterwards, I asked for some chain stationery stores but the prices were incredible. Then again I checked from internet and find it for a reasonable price, gave the order and received the pen next day. I wanted to mention because it was a pleasant shopping experience. As you can see, Loom is a silver colored fountain pen. So, it is quite unisex on the look. The cap is a bit chubby when compared to the body of the pen. Metal constructed body is heavier compared to the cap, which is made out of good plastic.
We can see the Faber-Castell logo engraved on the cap and the branding with since 1761 statement. It is not bothering the eye too much. Grip section of the pen is fattened and there are some lines to prevent your fingers slipping through the shiny body.
What about the writing quality of this medium nib pen: I really liked it. Even though it is a bit heavy for my taste, it grew in me with wet writing and really smooth nib. It works with an international cartridge or converter. However, converter is not coming with the pen. I inked with this ice grey pen with Diamine Prussian Blue cartridge which I get from Cultpens. And I loved it!!!
I bought this pen from a website called Avansas.com for 62 TL (app 21 EUR) and I received it next day. They don’t send it via a courier company but delivering it themselves. I am really happy with the pen and shopping as well. Whom I advice this pen for? Looking for a fountain pen to begin with or a workhorse and you find Pilot MR’s nib fine and body light-weighted and if you find Lamy Safari light-weighted or you don’t like the design you can definitely check Faber-Castell Loom. And the price is cheaper than Lamy Safari, especially in Avansas.com Did you like it?
Zeynep Silverpen

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