Fountain Pen for Beginners 2



Hi!We continue with the second post of Fountain Pen for Beginners. Since the price range in Turkey changes in extremely, I will try to give the prices in EUR or USD depending upon, Goulet Pens and E-bay.

Scrikss 419: It is almost the same with Pelikan M150 and the one of the three piston filler pens in this list. Gold plated nib, piston filler and light weight makes it my favorite pen for stepping into fountain pen world. It is not produced anymore but it can be found in old stationery stores in Turkey.

Scrikss Vintage 71: This is also very usefull with its nib similar to Parker 51 and its metal cap. Prices vary since it is not produced anymore. But it can be easily found though.

Platinum Plaisir: Even though it has the same nib with Platinum Preppy, the aluminum body put this pen one step further from Preppy. The price is about 20-22 USD.
Parker Vector: As Parker’s entry level pen, with steel nib, sturdy body and using cartridges this pen is one the most available fountain pens in Turkey. Even the prices changes upon differenty body designs, it is about 10-12 USD.
Senator Windsor: I was quite torn between putting this pen on the list or not but at the end I decided to give it a place just to see that some old stationery stores can have hidden treasures. It is a great pen with gold plated nib, screw type cap and piston filler mechanism. I bought it from an old and big stationery store in Izmir for 15 TL (app 6 EUR) So you better check the bottom shelves of old stores.
Pilot 78 G: As attracted all the highlights in fountain pen world, Pilot 78G draws attention with gold plated nib and comparably low price. It can be used with Pilot cartridges or squeeze type converter and comes with F, M and B nibs which is acutally italic, instead of broad. Just let me remind 78G’s F writes like and EF and M is much like a Fine. 4 set price is for 28 USD and single pen price is about 9 USD on e-bay.
Schneider Race Gear: Schneider is a steel nibbed, sporty fountain pen using the short international cartridges. Body plastic is quite nice built and sturdy. With other body options, the price generally varies about 12-15 USD
You think it is finished? Coming more 🙂
Zeynep Newbee

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