Fountain Pen for Beginners

I tried to set forth the cheapest fountain pens that you can easily find in the market for the first of a series of a few posts:
* Scrikss Peak: It is nearly the same as Platinum Preppy with plastic body and a cartridge fountain pen. It is generally sold for 8-12 TL(app. 3-4 EUR)
* Platinum Preppy: A fountain pen from Platinum again with plastic body and cartridge. They are nearly same with Scrikss Peak and the price is about 3-4 USD in foreign websites. The only disadvantage of those two pens can be their cheap plastic bodies which have a tendency to get cracked.
* Pilot V-Pen: It is a disposable fountain pen with steel nib. In practice it is not refillable. Therefore it is my least favorite among all. It is about 3-4 USD again. It comes with black, blue, turquoise, pink, purple and green ink choices.
* Hero 221: I made a review for this pen. It has a squeeze type converter which means you should also buy a bottle of ink, which is quite fine for me because I believe every fountain penthusiast should have a few bottle of inks. It can be found for 4-6 USD in websites like E-bay.
* Hero 336: This pen is a replica for legendary pen Parker 51. Again with a squeeze type converter. I really like those light-weighted, cheap fountain pens. When I found I got a couple of them and giving as a gift to some friends who never used fountain pen before. It can be found for 3-6 USD on e-bay.
The post ends here although we have more pens for beginners. Let me introduce them in another post.
What is your favorite pen for beginners?
Zeynep Newbee

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