Francesco Rubinato

Francesco Rubinato is the name of the stationery shop opened in early 50’ies in Treviso Italy. For the fountain pen lovers, it is a brand producing inkwells, inkpots and inks with high visuality. In Turkey, you could find their products in Panter Stationery in Beyoglu or Sapphire.
I also have their scented inks as a 9 bottle wooden-box set. However, on their price/quality comparison, do not ask, do not tell! Even though Francesco Rubinato inks are desire products, with that price or generally below, you could always get better quality inks.
You could find the swatches of the inks above with the order they stand in the box. (Oh my God,  I feel like make-up bloggers demonstrating the latest collection of MAC, so happy!!!) Names in the brackets are the scents. As some of the fountain pen lovers state that Francesco Rubinato inks are exclusively for inkwells and they are damaging the fountainpens for that reason. However, as far as my observation, Francesco Rubinato inks do not have saturated texture as Winsor&Newton inks have. Nevertheless, those inks with their fancy bottles are settled on my table and whenever I look at them, I feel terribly happy.
Which inks do you use and which stationery items make you happy when you look at them?
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