Franklin Christoph Model 19 Fountain Pen Review

 Hi All,
Recently I reviewed Edison Collier Blue Steel fountain pen here. And today we have another American brand manufacturing fountain pens: Franklin Christoph. Although this brand has a long history regarding porcelain items they are making fountain pens since 2001. I laid my hands on to a Model 19.
This pens name, Model 19 addresses to the establishment date of the brand, 1901. Body of the pen made out of high quality acrylic and it is guaranteed for a life time. It gives a nice and quality feeling at hand. The body and cap has  two brown rings but you can get it in different colors as well.
Franklin Christoph fountain pens comes with gold or steel nibs. And you can get your nibs grinded by Michael Masuyama. I have two different nibs, both steel and I am adding the writing sample for both of them.


The first nib is a steel medium. It is a smooth writer but a bit dry.  The nib units are easy to swab, you just need to pull it out and this makes cleaning easy and you can also use same nib for your another Franklin Christoph pen.
 The other nib is a Broad, grinded by Masuyama to a Custom Italic. Unfortunately, this is also a bit dry as well. On the following weeks I will be reviewing another pen of Franklin Christoph and this one will be a dry pen I promise.
What do you think about Franklin Christoph pens?
Zeynep 1903


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