Galen Leather

Hello All,
Today I want to share with you my favorite products from a great Turkish leather brand, Galen! I think this is my  all time favorite. It is referred as Leather Zippered 3 slots pen case. And it works as a small wallet for me.
Name of the leather used in this product is called Crazy Horse. It gets scratched within time and reminds you all this experience you had with your pen case.
The second product is Leather Zippered 5 slot pen case. This products lets you carry a pocket notebook along with your 5 favorite pens.
I used it with Fabriano EcoQua and it was a good match!
And the last product is called Ipad Air – Extra Large Moleskine Cover. As understood from the name, it allows you to carry a Moleskine and/or an Ipad Air. It has a large elastic band which keeps everything under control.
I used it with my favorite craft notebook, my pen and my cards.
Galen uses quality leathers and they have a wonderful craftsmanship. If you are agree with me, you can visit their website.

Zeynep Leathering



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