Graf von Faber Castell Cobalt Blue Ink

Hello from new week! Today we have a new ink in our radar and it is Graf von Faber Castell Cobalt Blue. As you know, all brands try to get a piece from the market of fancy inks. This race started by Pilot’s Iroshizuku brand, continues with Pelikan Edelstein and Graf von Faber Castell’s high-end inks. As you can see it is a big fancy bottle with a heavy glass bottom.
I got a classic color called Cobalt Blue. Actually I was hoping for a brighter blue ink referring the cobalt in its name. However, I found a businessman instead of a vibrant blue, very serious and very smart.
I did liked its writing qualities and it did matched well with all the pens I’ve tried it in. Besides it is easy to clean.
But if you like sheen or shading of an ink, I have some bad news for you. Unfortunately Graf von Faber Castell has neither sheen nor shading. It has a high saturation on the paper.
With water, it has some interesting interaction. Although the blue color has been washed away with water, there is a purple/red shadow which remains settled even a brush pen filled with water applied upon.
Graf von Faber Castell Cobalt Blue is a proper ink for daily use, signing official documents, taking daily notes etc. What do you think about navy blue inks?
Zeynep Navyblue

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