The first handwriting I was adoring was my father’s. At the end, the first love of a girl is always daddy! My dad who was an assistant at the Technical University that time, used to give lectures on technical drawing, make his projects by hand, use patterns for writing and draw something in every piece of paper while he was at home. Then we moved to Ankara and I adored my uncle’s handwriting whom I was seeing more than my father. He used to read his poems written in a huge binded notebook….
Today, everybody around me complains about their awful handwriting. However, handwriting, just like a foreign language, sports or performing an art requires practice. My classmates from High School all became engineers now which means that those guys who were making all calculations by mind at high school, started to make everything by computer and with a little exaggeration, there are a few who nearly forget handwriting at all. Because, while we are growing up our handwriting shrinks and although our aesthetic sense fosters, mastery of our fingers on the pen diminishes due to lack of practice. Therefore, we need to write, write and write…


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