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I wanted to finish the last day of the week with a colorful agenda just to spite the gloomy sky. Hidden Agenda from Happily Ever Paper. Actually, this agenda has really a hidden agenda inside.

Hidden Agenda comes in a card box in a 6 notebook set. If you want the whole year, you need to get the other half either. I have the first 6 months. Pages are perforated so you need to tear them up as you keep using it.

However, it is not like other agendas. Instead of pages with dates and important events, we have blank pages. But if you tear it from the perforated ends, you will see the special historical occasions.

I don’t want to upset you but unfortunately it is not made for fountain pens at all. Therefore I didn’t even test it. You can only use ballpoints or pencils.

But if you like to carry your agenda in monthly basis and seeking something looks cool on your desk and if you don’t mind writing with ballpoints you can consider getting a Hidden Agenda. You can click here to see more details.


Zeynep Topsecret



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