Happy Birthday Bana Sıkça Yaz!

Hello All,
I know I have been a lazy blogger this year but, even though we ignore time flies by. So we should be aware of it and live joyfully. And yes, Write to Me Often completed its fourth year. A lot of pens, a lot of ink, new people who re-discover their old pens, who inked a pen first time in his/her life, people who writes beautiful and who hates his/her own handwriting, people who belong to this group and some other who says “what the heavens are you doing with all those pens?”, people who love ink stains on their hands, people who are scared to death when someone grasp their pens, people who always match their ink to their pens and who always use the same ink, who hide their pens from the family and some others who opens a blog and show it all, who inks their new pen before leaving the shop and who has to wait for a month before using a pen… All of you, you are a part of this family and I love you all…
Thefore, we are going to meet as usual and share our passion for the fountain pens, inks and writing. Why don’t you join us this Saturday on Beyoğlu Mihrimah Sultan Cafe at three o’clock?
Zeynep Penthusiast

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