Happy Fountain Pen Day!

Today is Fountain Pen Day!
We love fountain pens. We love 1 dollar pens and we love 1000 dollar pens.
We love a good writer and we also like bad writers as we try hard to make them good writers.
We love piston filler pens but we also like cartridge pens since they are practical.
We love heavy pens but we also like light pens as they comfort our hand.
We love screw caps but we like click caps since it is swift.
We love inks but we love inks stains in our hands more.
Fountain pen, a gear to take notes, sign paper and write is a true manifestation of love.
And by the way, I love you all!
Happy fountain pen day, everyone!
Pen: Lily 718
Paper: Hacettepe University Note Pad
Ink: Diamine Shimmertastic Magical Forest
Your Humble Servant: Zeynep Penthusiast


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